How The Ego Influences Your Soul’s Purpose

The first thing I’ll say about the ego is that everyone has one. And if someone says they don’t have one, they probably have a huge one.  What is the ego?  It’s how you identify yourself, the mask you show to the world.  It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the ego defining the ego.  It is the name and labels you give yourself.  Your worth relies on other conditions such as a spouse, a good profession, a beautiful home, a huge circle of friends. You frantically need confirmation from people in your life. It’s instantly bruised when things don’t go your way.  The ego is focused on low vibrational emotions like people or things that have hurt you, or will make you ask yourself “why me?” or “am I good enough?”  The goal isn’t to completely eliminate the ego, it is to balance it with your soul’s purpose.  You see, we all have a purpose here on earth, our consciousness inside us is here for a reason. To live our most fulfilling life.  We can follow what our purpose is from our higher self if we choose to feed our soul and not our ego!  Who wouldn’t want to live the most abundant life? It is our birthright to have abundance in ALL areas of our life and we all have access to it.

When making decisions based on your ego, you might feel instantly gratified, but later we usually regret that toxic type of decision making.  Trying to please the ego is a never-ending process.  The ego wants more and more, it’s never satisfied.  When you are living life day to day from your ego, you will probably find you aren’t getting anywhere.  The ego wants to be comfortable, it doesn’t like change.  The ego is going to fill you with doubt and fear because it is afraid to die. So yes, maybe you want to embark on a new beginning like starting a company, moving to a new city, improve your relationship, or exploring your spirituality but you are feeling scared.  It isn’t that you or the person is scared, it is the ego.  That ego is scared of that change and that growth for the better.  The ego isn’t looking for that, it wants to keep you a zombie.  The ego wants to control your vessel.  In order for us to live at our full potential, we must follow our soul’s purpose.

“Ego is just like dust in the eyes.  Without clearing the dust, we can’t see anything clearly so clear the ego and see the world.”


Your soul is the essence of who you really are underneath all the names, roles, expectations and social cloaks we display.  You understand that your purpose in life is to follow your own individual character, your own path.  Your soul is your spirit, your true self, your gut feeling, your own inner voice.  When it’s in charge you accept yourself deeply and compassionately.  Your goals, passions, and burning desires come from your soul but don’t depend on those things.  Your soul doesn’t do anything for praise or rewards and itis accepting of others and can forgive easily.


I still struggle with surrendering my ego.  We all have to live with one, but we can choose to not be controlled by it.  The dark side of my alter ego is selfish, prideful, unforgiving and quick-tempered.  My ego has affected my soul’s purpose by destroying relationships and caused me to miss opportunities.  It has taken a lot of work,  personal growth isn’t this easy, bright, happy path.  Lets not sugar coat it, the process is dark, mentally exhausting, takes a lot of courage,  and you discover painful truths about yourself you might not have known existed- a damn mess.  Although the journey is muddy, the breakthrough is beautiful.  But the key here is to not think “what if” and examine these past experiences made by my ego, I’ve accepted that everything that has happened is substantial for my current growth.

So you might think well what is my soul’s purpose?  

How do I know I am on the right path? 

This is actually really common, and I get asked this all time.  I asked myself this for many years also.  All I can say is what I have personally experienced.  When you completely let go and surrender to all things that do not serve you and just be.  When we realize that this process comes from within, and doesn’t have anything to do with external circumstances we can really step into our own individual power.  We live in a world where we are brainwashed into thinking “holding on” and “staying in there” is the answer when it is really letting go of all attachments.  The ego will have us holding on to toxic situations that no longer serve us.  You are trying to flow upstream, resisting what is meant for you.  Have the wisdom and courage to know when a cycle in your life has ended and is time to level up to the next lesson.  This is only something you can figure out through your journey.  These answers are within you.  I promise you, if you seek your purpose, it will find you.

“You already have all you need.  You already have more access to God than you can handle.”

-1 Corinthanians 4:8

So I ask you, What are you feeding every day? Are you feeding the emotions of doubt, bitterness, resentment that have left you in the same life cycles you cant get out of?

Are you constantly going over in your head the same thought patterns getting you nowhere?


Are you feeding your soul’s purpose?  Are you wanting to become everything you were meant to be here?

Are you changing every day to evolve in your life purpose?

Are you accepting where you are right now and completely surrendering to letting go of your fears?


The power of meditation

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