Ways to raise your vibration

I help people expand their consciousness.  How that is done is by raising your vibrations to a positive level. You have a choice every day to feed into low vibrations or higher vibrations. This is done by letting go of what doesn’t serve you to become the best version of yourself.    

This can be done through meditation.   If you were anything like me, years ago, meditating for the first few times was frustrating and boring.  I couldn’t see how this could serve me in a positive way.  The more I did it, I became aware of my own thoughts. At the time I was radiating at a low-frequency vibration so most of my thoughts that came up in meditation were low frequency such as anger, pride, and fear.  I immediately tried to switch my thinking from a negative vibration to a positive one in fear of manifesting a negative experience, but I was so wrong with this tactic.  Instead of trying to control my thoughts I sat with them and observed why I had those thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes as humans its natural for us to completely disregard a situation or thought because we don’t want to face it.  But the more I observed these thoughts and let them be/didn’t resist, the easier it was to release it.  I became in the state of acceptance because I wasn’t reacting, I was reflecting, which allowed me to understand.

Forgiveness equals neutralization.  You have to let go of grudges and victimization.  Learning forgiveness and letting go of all lower emotions.  The saying “Forgive for yourself, not for them” is an excellent example.  Forgiveness can set you free and release those destructive emotions you have internalized.   This goes for yourself also, forgive yourself for the mistakes or changes you wish you had made.  You can’t go back to the past, and the more in the now/ present you are, the more momentum you can have to move forward with your life. Victimization is the concept of things happening to you.  Holding onto this energy pattern is what some people might call Karma, and that’s a whole nother blog.  Clearing this karma is forgiving and letting go.   You cannot control external circumstances, you can only control your internal being to these circumstances.  When someone cuts you off in traffic, can you control that? No.  Can you control how you react to that?  Of course.  Now I’m not perfect by any means, but I am wise enough to know that I will not let something beyond my control get me worked up to dismantle my energy.  I’m not saying I don’t feel these lower emotions, but I defiantly do not entertain them either.

Showing gratitude.  How can God, creator of the universe, move you forward if you haven’t proven you are happy and grateful for what you currently have? How can it give you more if you haven’t shown you are grateful now?  You can’t fool the universe.  “‘Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your life.” -Joe Vitale.  Focus in the morning, before you even get out of bed, of everything you are grateful for.  I promise you, this sets the tone for your day.  Something as simple as saying out loud five things you are thankful for.  Before you go to bed at night, write down a list of everything you were grateful for that day.  Writing is an excellent manifestation tool.  It can be something as simple as, I am so thankful I didn’t have to sit at that obnoxious red light before work; or I am so grateful I was able to lift 5 more pounds at the gym today, that made me FEEL so accomplished.  When you are thinking of things to be grateful for, really feel it, visualize how it made you feel.  By doing this you are really setting the intention that you are grateful for everything positive you receive and you will receive more things to be grateful for!

Be conscious of the company you keep.  Yes, the people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your vibration, do they not?  This could be friends, co-workers, a lover, a family member.  The top five people you are around the most have an influence on you, whether you are conscious of it or not.  You are aware of how people make you feel and if they are causing you to vibrate at a low frequency you might need to evaluate why they are in your life.  I know, this can be a painful realization for some.  I know there were friends in my life I had to love from afar because of this.  You know when someone around you is always negative, complaining, lazy, always gossiping about others, has no ambition or respect for others or for themselves.  I can’t even imagine what a conversation would go like with an individual like that.  For me, I have used an exercise that I read in The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews.  In the book, he goes on describing he has his own secret board of directors.  The idea is to surround yourself with wise people.  He doesn’t necessarily let them know they’re on his board and influencing his decision making.  You may choose specific advisors for various areas in your life.  Say I have a few couples in my life that have been in long healthy relationships, I would take relationship advice from these couples.  We must become masters at knowing where to take appropriate counsel.  I wouldn’t ask for entrepreneurial advice from someone who sits around and watches tv all day.  You don’t need to tell these people they are on your board, it can be your own little secret.

The food you consume can instantly raise your vibration!  For me, I have discovered that plant-based foods fuel me in an energizing and positive way.  Not only does this diet make me feel good physically, but mentally I feel great because I’m eating as cruelty-free as possible.  I’m giving back to the environment, and what this world needs more of is love and giving back.  When you feel good you are in a high vibrational state.

So here are five ways to raise your vibration!! let me know down in the comments what works for you!

One thought on “Ways to raise your vibration

  1. I love this post! Very fulfilling read. Just reflecting on how grateful I am just for the smallest of things, instantly gives me a sense of happiness. BTW I’m glad I made the cut for people in your life (: I am grateful for my friendships that have kept me going in my hardest of times. ❤


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